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Would you like to join our team? It is straightforward. The graph below illustrates the stages of our selection and recruitment process at the DTBA: 

  1. CANDIDATE SEARCH – we screen DTBA database which consist of applications from governmental employment body, various recruitment agencies and social platforms; 
  2. CV SCREENING – we analyse and evaluate received applications according to the set criteria;
  3. TELEPHONE INTERVIEW – we proceed to the telephone interview with selected candidates where additional questions related to the applied job position are asked.  
  4. FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW – after the initial selection process successful candidates are invited to the face to face interview. During the meeting candidate is ask to undertake written test as well as to answer to some additional questions. Candidate is given the opportunity to inquire about any concerns he or she might have about the job position or its benefits. 
  5. JOB OFFER – after screening and interviewing successful candidates receive initial job offer. We inform all the candidates even if they are unsuccessful. Official response is given within 5 working days. 
  6. PRIMARY EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT – an official job offer is issued to the candidate. All relevant information is gathered for the preparation of the employment agreement. 
  7. TRIP TO SWEDEN – we provide support in arranging your travel.

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