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Job offers

Drywall installer


From 2 200 EUR/month

Interior construction worker


From 2 200 to 3 400 EUR/month
I think I am a veteran at this company and I am proud to have worked towards our goals with DTBA all this time. I am impressed with the opportunities I am given at the company. I am a hardworking...
Gintaras Bagdonas
I have worked for many foreign companies, but so far only DTBA Construction could provide me with stability at work. I feel comfortable at work and know that I will always have a stable job. I am a...
Aleksandr Maksimčuk
I work for DTBA only 4 months, but I had a good opinion about this company from the start. The most important aspect for me is great organisational skills within the management team and the fact...
Dovydas Bacevičius
Junior project leader
I work with this company for over a year now and I am very happy to be part of it. I am pleased with the work we do, and that I can be in the area that fits my expertise. Work became much easier as...
Sigitas Skeberis
Construction worker
I have been invited to join the team two year ago when the company was just a start up. The company was still fragile, consisting of around 12 members of staff, with determination to become stable...
Kestutis Baranauskas
Construction worker
DTBA is a relatively young company, which is fast growing and developing with the help of its employees, who benefit the company with new ideas. They get innovative ideas communicating with each...
Martynas Soraka
A lot of workers come and they think they know it all. But there is a big difference between the standards for the construction industry that are required in Lithuania and Sweden. We are happy to...
Vladas Aleksandrovas