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Interview. And how to prepare for it.

Congratulations, you have been selected for an interview, most of the work is already done. Great preparation is a key to success and can grant you a desired employment position. The better your performance during the interview, the better you will feel about yourself.

There are many ways in which the interview can be carried out, depending on the size of the  company, the capacity of the recruitment or simply on the person who is undertaking the interview. You should be prepared for unexpected questions, therefore, revise your CV and Cover Letter so that you can answer the questions in more detail.

Think about what you can add regarding your education, professional and other personal achievements. You should critically asses your key strengths, as well as, the weaknesses. If    needed you should practice an interview role play with your family before the interview day. Make sure that your speech is calm and fluent, you should feel comfortable during the interview. Practice to maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and let them finish the question without interrupting them. On the day of the interview make sure you come prepared with a pen and paper for your notes.

Before you go it is also very important to gather relevant information  about the company that you are wanting to work for. Make sure you know as much information as possible about the history of the company, its organisational structure, latest products and services. It is also important to know what are the differences between the company you are wanting to work for and its competitors. Search for advertised company news. Make sure you read the news advertised on social media, it is a powerful tool that companies use.

We greet the person by its looks, but leave them with the opinion shaped around his intelligence. Make sure you leave a great impression of yourself. You should look presentable, wearing clean clothes and shoes, using a light scented perfume. People tend to feel good about themselves when they look great. Make sure you are presentable and in a way that you feel you could fit to the company’s environment. Arrive on time. Make sure you arrive no earlier and no later than 5-10  minutes before or after the agreed time. Arriving too early or too late can leave the recruiter with an impression that you have difficulty to manage your time.

If you are offered a drink, accept it. If you are thirsty it is not rude to ask for a glass of water. It is no surprise that you can be nervous during the interview and a glass of water can help you to calm down. Also a sip of water gives you a chance to think a little longer before you answer to the   question. If you have a question yourself do not hesitate to ask. Make sure the company is suitable for you, and fulfils your perspirations. Prepare your questions in advance, so that you are confident when you are asking them.

It is very important for you to understand that you have to leave a great impression, and being positive is the greatest way to do so. Make sure you smile, are attentive to the information given by the recruiter, present yourself as an intelligent person, keep an eye contact during the conversation and stay positive. It does not matter if you feel that the interview is not going to be successful,   keeping positive can give you an opportunity to be employed for the future position. Small details can make a big difference in decision making.

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