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Writing a Cover Letter. Advice.

Cover letter tends to be one of the most difficult parts of the job application. Further we provide you with an advice and a schematic visualisation of the vitals parts that you should consider when writing a cover letter. 

  1. ADRESS THE READER. You do not have to adress any person in specific but rather adress the reader in general. It is also important to do your research about the organisation so that you can add specific details that is directed to the reader of that particular organisation. 
  2. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Include your contact information not only in your CV but also in your Cover Letter.
  3. INDICATE THE PURPOSE OF THE LETTER. Describe shortly who you are and why you seek this job position. Do not forget to identify the position. 
  4. IDENTIFY PERSONAL QUALITIES. Describe your work experience and professional capabilities relating to the position your are applying for. Name your best qualities that would make you perfect candidate for the job. Do not forget to include the requirements of the organisation which your capabilities meets. 
  5. ADD IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Round up the letter with your strongest statement. Here you could use some well researched information about the company and use it as the grounds for your willingness to join the organisation. 
  6. SIGN THE LETTER. You can express your willingness to attend the interview or meet other team leaders. Finally, sing the letter with your name and surname. 

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