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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DTBA Recruitment a recruitment agency?

DTBA Recruitment is one of the departments established in Lithuania by the Swedish    company DTBA Construction.


What is the duration of an employment contract?

First 6 months of your employment is your probation period, after the probation period you are granted long term contract.


How often I will be able to return to Lithuania?

According to the Lithuanian employment law regulations employee is entitled to annual leave of 20 working days. According to the Swedish employment law regulations employee is entitled to annual leave of  25 working days. According to the organizational rules applied at the company, employee is granted 2 weeks holiday during the winter and summer periods. Nonetheless, holiday period can be amended according to personal requirements.


In which country will I be employed?

During the probation period you will be recruited in Lithuania. After signing a permanent Employment Agreement you will be employed in Sweden.


What social guarantees will I have?

You will have all of the social guarantees as stated by the European union. In addition you will have a life insurance and accident insurance at work, provided by the company.


What are salary payment conditions ?

Salary is paid for the past working month, payment is made once a month.


Is the knowledge of Swedish or English language required?

It will be considered an advantage if you know these languages. If you lack the knowledge, company will organise paid Swedish language courses.


Does the employer help to organise travel to a foreign country?

Yes. We always help our employees  to arrange a trip to Stockholm and we will offer the most optimal choice for both, the employee and the employer.


Does the employer arrange transport to get to work and back?

Company’s vehicle is granted for traveling between home and work.


Will I be greeted by DTBA representative when I arrive to Stockholm?

Yes. New employees are always greeted at the arrival point. Details about the trip are discussed before your arrival.


Is the accommodation provided with the Internet Connection and household items?

Yes. We take care of the accommodation and provide homes with furniture, washing  machine, dishes, Internet, TV etc. Bedding, towels, Swedish phone sim card are provided    according to your needs. We also make sure you have food for the first day.


How many people live in one room?

Depending on the size of the property several housemates can be assigned.


How much does life in Sweden cost?

It depends on the area that accommodation is situated at and your individual needs.

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