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Writing a Cover Letter. Advice.

A short description about yourself and your professional achievements will help you to ensure that recruitment agent pays attention to your application. Your application to the position advertised is the first thing that  employer will see and know about you from the information you have provided in your curriculum vitae and the cover letter. It is important that you include a cover letter in your application with a clear motive why you are enquiring about the position.

Cover letter should be written in a friendly and simple manner. Start by explaining why you are enquiring about the position advertised, explain where you have found the advertisement and what makes you the  perfect candidate to fill the position. The introduction of the cover letter is an invitation to the employer to seek more information about you. Attempt to create an interest.

When filling the application and writing a cover letter it is always better to use guidance and advice, if provided, of the company that you are applying to. These simple tips can grant you a new employment opportunity.

Be open and honest. Advice that is provided by the company is just a generic guideline and you should use it accordingly. DTBA suggests not to use universal templates found on various internet websites. This type of template can not adjust to your individual needs and reflect your personality. Universal templates are also easily distinguished and might not impress the employer. Cover letter should be written in a friendly manner but maintained as a piece of formal document. It is highly suggested that you do a research about the     company which you are applying to, so that the employer understands that you have a high interest in the position, as well as, the organisation.  It is also beneficial if you manage to make a contact with the company prior your application. It is not easy to do, but if you ever have the opportunity do not miss it.

Introduce yourself. Cover letter should include a description about your personal skills, as well as, professional capabilities. Describe your skills and highest achievements, do not list them all, just the most important ones. Description should be short and informative.

Be proud of yourself, but do not overestimate your capabilities. For those who are still enrolled into educational programs and have minimal experience, but are seeking employment, we suggest to  explain how your academic background might be valuable at the position you are applying to. You may also give some examples from your academic or volunteering experiences.

Develop your skills. Describe how you seek to gain new set of skills and broaden your knowledge.


Short example of the cover letter:

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to the position advertised.

I have relevant employment experience in the field working for insert number years.

I  have gained this experience by taking part into various development programs such as insert examples.

During the time of my employment I have undertaken the following project insert examples.

I believe that the experience and knowledge I have would be greatly beneficial working at this position insert which position.

You can find more information about me in curriculum vitae. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Name, Surname

Telephone number

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